About the Campus Mapping Service


Ever been lost on the UW campus? Ever wondered if there’s a better way to get to your next class?

Well wonder no more.

CAMPS (Campus Mapping Service) is a web service that allows you to easily plan out your whole day’s walking (or running, biking, wheelchair) schedule, from building to building. Simply type in building names in the order on your schedule. CAMPS will display a map of the shortest-route path from building to building, as well as time and distance estimates.

Don’t travel a campus without it.

The People

Written by students, for students. The UW Campus Mapping Service was a project for an undergraduate-level Computer Science class (CSE 403) at the University of Washington during Winter quarter, 2007. The application was developed in its entirety from scratch over a period of ~6 weeks by a team of 6 incredibly handsome Computer Science students:

Cool Technology

Final Words

CAMPS development is hosted on Sourceforge.net and is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL). In other words, it is awesome, free, and anyone interested can check out our code and modify it to suit their needs. We only ask that you give us credit for our work. Visit our project page.

Thank you for using CAMPS. We hope that it makes your life a little bit easier and the campus a bit less confusing. While we are no longer actively supporting this application (C&C has taken over), we would still like to hear what you have to say -- positive feedback is appreciated because it might help us get a job some day!